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About Frederike Top

Frederike Top has her own studio in product design which is based in Amsterdam. She studied Product Design at the University of the Arts Utrecht and graduated in February 2007. Her designs consist mainly of interior products, but she also designs for the public space. Except designing under her own name, Frederike designs for the interior label Zuiver.
A recurring theme in her work is light. Seized by the elusive nature of light she plays endlessly with the experience of it. From the source of light, shadow, light colour and light strength she tries to create a site-specific atmosphere in the spaces she designs for, often through small interventions which have a major impact.

Flown Up lamp (7)*

Flown Up is a series of lamps which makes your mind wonder. Due to the lamps shapes and silhouettes they look as if they are blowing in the wind. The perfect amount of atmospheric light gives you a feeling of mystery that strengthens the feeling of enchantment from these lamps.

Material: steel and fabric
Prices Zuiver: (floor lamp) €99,00 / €169,00 / €279,00 (pendant) € 56,00 / €84,00 / €139,00
Prices hand-made (limited edition): (floor lamp) €590,00 / €950,00 / €1150,00

Workshop Licht (8)*

You can do a lot of nice things with a white wall and an overhead projector. With the Workshop Light you can create your own surroundings, you pose with whom you want or you transform yourself into a superhero. By thinking about what you really want you create your ideal image.
Always wanted to be a smart guy? Want to have more persuasiveness? Or just long hair or a muscular body?
By cutting out figures and project them on the wall, you literally add your own wishes to your portrait. A whole new world opens up!

Do you want to know more about this lightning workshop? Do not hesitate to contact Frederike. www.frederiketop.nl or 06 20 683 687


ZUIVER, which is Dutch for pure, is founded in 1998. The company is an allround and dynamic enterprise, focused on development, import and wholesale of lighting, furniture, and home accessories.
The ZUIVER success is based on the progressive and balanced collection. This can be selected items from all over the world, exclusively developed items by our own designers, or well-established Dutch designers like Frederike Top.
It is the diversity of the products that create an inspiring and powerful collection in a playful and modern style.

'Our collection is an ongoing process and constantly updated, so keep checking our website www.zuiver.com  for the latest news and developments.'