Discipline: product design


ANAR CREATIONS is a design studio of the Dutch graphic designer Shirin van Rooijen and her mother, the Persian-Dutch architect and artist Faranak Nourbakhsh. Their collections of rugs, pillows and scarves are inspired by both cultures that are fused together. The results are intriguing designs where modern goes hand in hand with tradition. In an intuitive design process the colours and traditional motifs and patterns taken from the rich Persian and Dutch heritage are transformed into unique contemporary designs.

Moonlight (10)*


Traditional Persian rugs are often based on nature in which plant motifs play an important role.
In this carpet the image of the typical Dutch landscape with its geometric patterns is fused with an overgrowth of flower patterns. Geometry and free floral motifs give a special effect and make this carpet an artwork in the interior. Mondrian meets Persia.
Material: wool and silk
Technique: hand knotted, 120 knots/inch2
Dimension: 160x240cm

Price: € 3450,- incl. VAT

Memories (11)*


Fragmented forms of Persian patterns and Dutch tile motifs are the inspiration for this cushion.
The combination of these motifs remembers the past seen with today's eyes.
Both sides are designed as fronts and complement each other to contribute to different moods in the interior. A pillow design as a poem.
Material: cotton
Technique: digital print
Dimension: 40 x 40 cm
Available in different colours

Price: €58,- incl. BTW/ VAT (incl. inner pillow)

Flower fields (12)*


Persian floral motifs combined with a square grid.
Emotion and rationality meet in a transparent layering of colourful Persian flowers and Dutch fields.
A scarf as a flower field.
Material: silk
Technique: digital print
Dimension: 108 x 108 cm
Available in different colours

Price: €119,- incl. VAT