'a personal attitude towards design'

Nicolette Brunklaus was educated as a contemporary artist at the Art Academy Minerva in Groningen in 1988. The art she was making had a close link to design. The big change in direction came when she, together with a colleague designer, designed a series of small furniture which became very successful. After this project she founded her company Brunklaus Amsterdam. A company with 'a personal attitude towards design'.
Their goal is to inspire comfort in beauty and to communicate stories to their clients through design. The collections are unique, intimate and poetic. They embrace nostalgia paired with a fierce urge toward the contemporary, inspiring printed textiles towards a radical new point of view. Thanks to the variety of sizes, fabrics and styles, the products are suited for many lifestyles.

Nicolette Brunklaus manipulates her own photographs to create unique textiles and lighting objects. The images are chosen for their colour palette and poetic meaning. In this way, the product design remains unaffected by popular interest while staying at the forefront of thought provoking contemporary design. All products are designed to be timeless. They are handcrafted exclusively in the Netherlands with the highest attention for detail.

'Abstract Yellow' (14)*

Silk Banners

Nicolette Brunklaus recently designed for Brunklaus Amsterdam a series of breath-taking silk banners in rich yellowish-golden colors mixed with natural shades of blue, grey and off-white. Abstract compositions derived from nature themes which can be used as curtains, room dividers or as a piece of art against the wall.

Product: Textile / curtains/ banners
Year of Design: 2013
Material: Pure crêpe de Chine Silk
Dimension: 137 x 300 cm (WxH)
Prices from € 297 per banner.

'Sognsvann' (15)*

Pendant Lamp & Floor Lamp

This design lightning is based on memories which designer Nicolette Brunklaus had along Norway's Lake Sognsvann. The silk, what might appear to be an abstract bleed, is a scene of trees reflected in still water. This design is an ultimate example of elegance and simplicity in it selves, in harmony with the two different materials: oak-wood and pure silk.
Together with the luxurious wiring set of solid oak-wood with silk textile wire makes this design a complete lighting object and will appear a statement in lighting. This silk pendant design collection is made by hand in the Netherlands with the keenest eye for details and material.


With its slim solid Oakwood tripod support the Sognsvann floor lamp has a distinguished and stylish appearance. With the keenest eye for details.

You can choose out of 6 different designs; the silk screens are interchangeable in a very simple way; giving you the opportunity to create a new floor lamp with a complete new appearance, thus changing the ambiance of your personal environment.

Product: Floor lamp
Year of Design: 2013
Material: Solid Oak wood and pure crepe de chine silk, grey textile wire
Dimension: 173 x Ø 60 cm
Prijs / price: € 995,00

Shady Tree and Forest (16)*

Lampen, behang en kussens / Lighting, Wallpaper and pillows

About Shady Tree:

The Shady Tree lamps include pendant lights, table lamps and floor lamps. This lighting design shows a forest printed on the inside, and brings the quiet piece of nature inside your home. Next to the Shady Tree Lighting there are also Forest Pillow Cases and Forest Blue Wallpapers

Product: lighting Shady Tree
Year of Design: 2002
Material: Vinyl & Cotton
Pendant / Standing: Pendant & Standing
Dimension: Ø 38 x 34 cm till Ø110 x 42 cm
Prices: from € 178,00 till € 538,00

About Forest Pillows:

The Forest pillows have a full color printed image of a forest with its appealing bluish-green tones. They create a mysterious ambiance of a dim forest on a late summer evening. Made of rich cotton fabric, these pillows create just the right outdoor feeling, bringing the outdoors inside your personal environment.

Product: pillow cases Forest

Year of Design: 2005
Material: 100 % Cotton Canvas
Dimensions: 60x60/40x40and50x35cm
price Pillow Cover: € 98,00 and €59,00

Product: Wallpaper Forest Blue

Year of Design: 2013
Size: W279 cm x H300 cm
Material: Non woven heavy quality wallpaper
Color: Night Blue
Price: € 79 for 1 banner of 46, 5 x 300 cm( WxH)

How can you bring nature into your room? By pretending your wall is a window, making your home seems to be surrounded by trees. 'This idea was the inspiration of Brunklaus' wallpaper Forest. This Forest wallpaper has been built up by 6 strips and can also be bought separately.

Tin Series (17)*

Tin cups with lid

Porcelain cups with a lid; with print of the old pewter pots in 4 different colors that refer to the old Dutch painters like Rembrandt and Vermeer.

Velvet Pouffe Tin

Year of Design: 2008
The printed images and colours are based on the designers' memories and inspired by the Still life's of the famous 17th. century Dutch Masters. It can be used as a sitting object but also serves perfectly as a side table in combination with a steel top.