About Nico van Stralen: (18)*

Nico paints, draws and designs. Besides working as an autonomous artist he also works in commission for individuals and companies.
In his work he has the gift to show a dynamic that delights the spectator.
The tightness in his work he breaks through with his source of inspiration: Life. His energy: Unlimited and sparkling. Nico van Stralen keeps surprising.

That is one of the reasons that he was the only artist of the municipality of Bergen NH, who was asked to create an object for the opening of Museum Kranenburgh Bergen, North Holland. The object called 'In motion' is made of steel and besides from movement it also exudes security and power.

The wave motion of the horizontal object points to the sea and shows the way to the many thousands of cyclists and is one with the nature around it.

Nico Van Stralen is becoming more involved in the interior design of residential and commercial properties. He distinguishes himself with his art, with art he presents himself. By use of his daring colours and graphic effects, clients get a decoration with a personality of its own, tailor made for the residents and companies, related to their image.

The artist life of Nico consists of following his own path, bustling with energy, a nimble cheerful energy, quiet, serious and sometimes unnoticed, but persistent. He is all-round talented.

Although he was in Europe, but also in America and Australia known for his graphic works, his objects and industrial design may definitely not be underexposed. He designed for the Amsterdam Government the commuter rail stations of the Amstelveen line. Also known is his 'Lettertuin', as if a giant typecase is poured out on the grass and the letters keep on showing different combinations. His design of the 'Art reception desk' at the Rabobank in Bergen is just as surprising. Art in its purest form. Not only to watch but to really experience in your own trusted surroundings.
Nico his successful designs, performed in hand tufted carpets are an artistic element in each interior.

During the exposition Light & Dark in Dutch Design Hotel Artemis Nico shows a part of his versatile oeuvre. A combination of well-known graphic masterpieces in black and white and coloured paintings in acrylic which high contrasts between light and dark.


open on appointment
van Stavelenplein 18,
1862 CH Bergen NH.
Tel. 06-81241762 / 072-5895066
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