OTAZU (21)*

Sparkling designs, timeless treasures you desire to preserve forever

Otazu is a fashion jewellery brand with a wide range of designs in costume jewellery, silver and other fashion accessories. Ever since the inception of the brand Otazu (founded in the Netherlands), the designs have been innovative and noticeable, yet recognizable by the specific style, elements and characteristics of the Brand.
Throughout the years Otazu has collaborated with established designers and attracted creative energy from all over the world to bring the designs to new heights.
Otazu launches two fashion collections every season; a ready to wear collection and a couture collection of the most deluxe fashion jewellery. Through constant inspiration and innovation the design team created a signature style for the brand. The brand Otazu consists of fashion jewellery, Otazu Sterling Silver and is developing other accessories and fashionable must haves. All jewellery from the Otazu collections are made with high quality Swarovski Elements, every season has a new range of innovative colours and shapes. All Otazu collections portray a passion for life and desire to enhance the beauty of women.
The brand has collaborated with established designers like Christian LaCroix, Clements Ribeiro, Emanuel Ungaro, Jean-Paul Gualtier and Thierry Mugler, adding another dimension to their work. On the catwalks, Otazu designs is worn by international models like Lily Cole and Erin O'Conner, taking the breath of the audience by using the most spectacular themes and showing in most unique locations.

There is an Otazu design for everyone, from glamorous celebrities that simply love wearing Otazu to any woman, Otazu shows your beauty within.

During the festive winter months in which the exposition Light & Dark in Dutch Design Hotel Artemis takes place, it is possible for guests to buy a nice OTAZU present. The collection is especially customized on the theme.