Denise combines her passions in her work: staging, shooting and analog editing of her images.

She pays great attention to framing, the effect of natural light and her quirky adaptation. She uses physical adaptions to come to her final image, entirely without Photoshop. This is the way she creates new images of mostly young people in fairy tales and surrealistic worlds.

Light Unites interface

The series is entirely inspired by light and attraction. We humans love light, and this is also what allows us to enjoy the day. You can also look at this on a mind-blowing way.

The light attracts and then it shows a deeper meaning. What follows is the awareness of two opposites: Dream World and Reality.

Inviting The Viewer Series, 2015 (3)*

03 inviting the viewer 01 h200 03 inviting the viewer 02 h200 03 inviting the viewer 03 h200


‘With the chosen technique in this series, I try to invite the viewer in. Because the images are serene, you are stuck in a moment. When you watch longer to these images the opposite follows, namely unrest.’


‘Here I try to respond to the needs of people, but at the same time I try to make them aware of reality. Something that is frequently pushed away in everyday life by a structured rhythm. The rest to think about yourself and your findings seems to have disappeared.’

  • Size: 50 x 50 x 5 cm
  • Materials: Photo with LED
  • Price a piece : € 1.176,- ex 6% vat