Etiënne graduated from St. Joost Academy (Breda) in 2004. Now he is focused on his Upcycle series. ‘Upcycling’ means adjusting an existing product into a durable product on a higher functional level.

Light Unites interface

Light is life

Hypocritical (23)*

26 etienne reijnders schijnheilig totaalbeeld h200

  • Size: op adjustible
  • Materials: steel
  • Price : € 1.250,- ex 6% vat (one will be built on order)

Beam of light (Shopping cart lamp) (24)*

24 shopping cart lamp h200

Size: available in 3 sizes

  • Materials: regalvanized Discarded shopping cart
  • Price: € 1.500,- ex 6% vat

Lamp made of a shopping cart

‘So you just put a lamp in anything you build and call it a lamp?’ I asked this other designer. ‘Yes’, he said, ‘that is what lamps are, some shape with a lamp in it, it’s easy. They sell expensively, and are easy to build.’ ‘Where is your lamp?’ he asked, ‘you forgot to put it in the shopping cart you just brought in?’

‘Yes’, I answered, ‘let me go and get it.’ So I drove the shopping cart back to the van, loaded it, and drove off…

Available in 3 different sizes, from children’s version till full size shopping cart.

Egdirf (Reversed Fridge Lamp) (25)*

25 inversed fridge lamp egdirf 1 h200

Reversed fridge lamp. Finally you are able to get a real full sized design non product for your own house!

  • Size: differ per lamp (set of 4 in this size)
  • Materials: re-used wood
  • Price: € 275,- ex 6% vat

Paper Cut (26)*

26 paper kut h200 26 paper kut white edition detail h200

Full paper lamp, made from the sketches of his sketch book. Can be made from personal document or letters from the client.

  • Size: 40 cm
  • Materials: Sketches from his sketch book
  • Price: € 76,- ex 6% vat