Marianne was born in Rotterdam and lives in the small enclave village Baarle-Hertog in Belgium since 1998. After her study for color stylist, she started to focus on designing jewellery. Inspired by her love for color, gemstones and old beads, every creation becomes a unique jewel.

‘Art can only catch my eye, when it overwhelms my heart and imagination.’

For her designs, she uses gemstones, hand-blown glass beads, ancient beads from Africa for instance, Swarovski crystal, silver and filled gold.

She also uses special glass beads founded in small markets at home and abroad. All her designs are unique and colourful.

Light Unites Interface

The beautiful gemstones in my jewellery can ease your mind by their warmth and power. They can bring the ‘light’ back to you, but they can shine the ‘light’ out through their shine and warm colours.

Dark light (16)*

16 donker licht h200

The darkness embraces the light and give it a rest.

  • Size : 50 cm
  • Materials : Old Bohemian beads from 1900, amethyst, glass bead from Rome, hand blown glass beads, silver is incorporated in the blue round one, Lapis lazuli, mussels, ornamental beads.
  • Price : € 133,- ex 6% vat

Carnaval (17)*

17 carnaval h200

  • Size: 49 cm
  • Material: Paper mache, ornamental beads
  • Price: € 125,- ex 6% vat

The light of the colours radiates cheerfulness.

Manipulation (18)*

18 manipulatie h200

The light from the beads heats the solar plexus and gives the necessary relaxation.

  • Size : 51 cm
  • Materials : Ceramics from Kenya, fairtrade, lemon, orange calcite, old beads from 1900
  • Price : € 133,- ex 6% vat