‘Born in October, I feel like an autumn child. I love the storms, winds blowing through my hair and head. After that arrives the muse in a serene light. Coloured leaves sparkle in the low sun between the dark trees.’

‘I seek the movement between action and calmness, from the chaotic tangled branches to a point of rest nature can give you. My personal emotions are rooted in my colourful and abstract paintings with the umbrella title: ‘The Forest waves, the Wood lures’. Through painting, I am exploring my own forest that wants to be lived; my name Sylvia means ‘living in the forest’.

Light Unites interface

The play between light and dark is fascinating. Sometimes her paintings are light-hearted and frivolous or even light-minded. Alternatively, she uses light in contrast with the dark, making it a philosophical light.

From behind, the light strokes along the stems and is caught in the branches. The trees are like a shamanistic light carrier. In her objects with trunks and branches, she also catches the light. The 'Kliever' is a lengthways-sawed trunk with a gilded intersection. The ambient light is beautiful reflected in the gold leaf and the object functions as a light emitter when the oil lamp is enlightened.

Kliever (20)*

20 sylvia thijssen kliever h200

The Kliever is an object with a gilt-edged kerf. Therefore it is a light trap (the gold leaf reflects the ambient light in a beautiful way) and a luminary (the little oil lamp). It is a piece of a trunk of a plane tree she has cut in half lengthwise and have put on metal legs.

The boulder that hangs at the top holds the two parts together and in between there is a little oil lamp.

  • Size : 150 cm
  • Materials: wood and gold leafs
  • Price : € 1.800,- ex 6% vat

Near the Distance (21)*

21 sylvia thijssen near the distance h200

An energetic painting with a swirling gesture, where you can relax in the shade of a tree on a hot day. Your gaze can relax and infinite dreams may occur.

  • Size : 100 x 120 cm
  • Year : 2015
  • Materials: Acrylics on canvas
  • Price : € 2.200,- ex 6%/vat

The Norman Tree (22)*

22 sylvia thijssen normandische boom h200

  • Size : 100 x 120 cm
  • Year : 2015
  • Materials: Acrylics on canvas
  • Price : € 2.200,- ex 6% vat

‘Normandy for me represents a region with a mysterious and spiritual Celtic past. The chalk cliffs are fascinating, the high white walls with flints. Across the Canal, in England, are the same cliffs and it seems as if the lands were torn apart.

‘When I once walked there, I was quite scared of the deep and sudden chasms. I saw a tree that stood completely on the edge, clinging itself firmly with gnarled roots to the rocky ground and fending itself with tough branches against wind and weather. It seemed that the tree came from ancient Celtic times where a druid had cut mistletoe from the tree. The weather was nice, the sun smiled in the sea with a raft of blue-green hues. The tree casted deep purple shadows on the green grass with mauve accents of Mallow.’