Yvonne lives and works in Breda. She is married to Paul and they have two kids named Lisa (18) and Pim (16). Besides creating art she is an Artistic Dynamic Coach of children and adults. She has been drawing and painting her whole life.

Yvonne paints portraits with oil paint on canvas, abstract work or from meditation with acrylic on canvas. Her inspiration comes from writers, travelling, meditation, nature walks, music, art, theatre and performances of her own children.

Light Unites interface

The layers of the series ‘STAIRWAY TO’ arise from a form of meditation and the music of Antonio Vivaldi. Vivaldi was a composer from the time of the ‘Enlightenment’. He was one of the first composers who tried to display the sounds and impression of nature in his music.

The ladder goes toward Heaven. The viewer can see the work from the position of Vivaldi. While painting I use the spiritual inspiration. If I work from meditation I connect with Heaven and Earth.

From there a movement or idea arises and this I put on the canvas. The creation comes from ‘seeing clearly.’ Knowing what is needed by looking in the dark.

Stairway to... Summer (8)*

08 bij inleiding thema plaatsen svp stairway h200  08 stairway to zomer h200

The sun illuminates all seasons on its way.

Blast nature.

With the music of Vivaldi and from meditation Yvonne worked with palette knifes, paste and acrylic on canvas. Layer upon layer, repeatedly. Bright pieces and vague contours alternate. There is so much light in the summer...see the canvas through your lashes.

  • Size : 200 x 100 cm
  • Materials : Acrylics and paste on canvas
  • Price : € 3.000,- ex 6% vat

Stairway to... Autumn (9)*

09 detail herfst h200  09 stairway to herfst h200

The leaves flutter down. Everything is on the move. Copper and bronze tints refer to the instruments of the orchestra by Vivaldi.

Throw a leaf in the air and follow it with your eyes. Then you no longer think about anything else.

It gives ‘relief’ in your head.

  • Size : 200 x 100 cm
  • Materials : Acrylics, paste and wool on canvas. With leaves from the studios garden.
  • Price : € 3.000,- ex 6% vat

Stairway to... Winter (10)*

10 detail winter h200  10 stairway to winter h200

Grey creatures/ shadows in the snow. The sun shines on the snow and lightens everything. The snow puts a silent blanket over the landscape.

The world keeps its hibernation. The darkest time of the year does give ‘light’ by the ‘fuzz’ which swirls in the air.

  • Size : 200 x 100 cm
  • Materials :  Acrylics, feathers and glitters on canvas
  • Price : € 3.000,- ex 6% vat

Stairway to... Spring (11)*

11 detail lente1 h200  11 stairway to lente h200

A tunnel of blossom trees. There is light at the end of the tunnel.

  • Size: 200 x 100 cm
  • Materials: Acrylics on canvas
  • Price: € 3.000,- ex 6%vat