Product Design 

A Barentsz Urban Fabric scarf shows the beauty of a city plan, but it is also a scarf that tells a story; your story.
The story of a silent memory of where you first met, a pivotal place in your roots or as a trophy of your travels. Our scarf gives you the map and you can mark the spot using one of the uniquely designed pins, the eye-catching gadgets to personalize your scarf.
Simply pin your story to the map to hold onto your memories and cherish your dreams.

About Mirjam Hagoort

Mirjam Hagoort a visual artist and Marjolein Peters an urban designer and both had frequent conversations with the city as a subject. Looking from two different points of view, their fascination for the city touches common ground in the beauty of the urban fabric, the graphic structures of the map and the landmarks that the city shows.
It became clear to them that they were not the only ones with this passion and they decided to create a special product to share these city-love stories with friends. This resulted in the Barentsz City Scarves and pins.

City Scarves

A City Scarf of soft modal cashmere or charmeuse is a unique and personal gift for any occasion and a wonderful souvenir of your stay in the Netherlands. Appropriate packaged in a beautiful box with ribbon closure.

10 voor bij intro barentsz h800

The supplied pins are handmade and allow you to give your scarf a personal touch. The pins hold your scarf in place, but they are mainly there to mark the treasured and important places in your life. New pins are introduced regularly, which are also available separately.

Amsterdam North-South 100% modal (10)*

Scarf North-South shows a longitudinal cut of the map that highlights of the Amsterdam centre: the canal district, the Vondelpark but also the new developments on the South Axis and the new hotspots in North.

10 amsterdam north south h800

Material: 100% modal
Dimensions: 60 x 160 cm
Price: € 59,-

Amsterdam East-West 100% modal cashmere (11)*

Scarf Amsterdam East-West shows an unconventional cut of map, with the IJ river cut off and a contrast between inner and outer city separated by ringroad A10. The pattern also highlights the urban parks and green areas.

11 amsterdam east west h800

Material: 100% modal cashmere
Dimension: 70 x 170 cm
Price: € 79,-

Holland 100% modal (12)*

Besides geographical information on the Dutch Provinces and mayor cities, the scarf provides additional information with a graphic quality. For example, the line dividing the country that marks that Holland partly is below sea level. Also is indicated the way ferries are leaving and entering the country.

12 holland h800

Material: 100% modal
Dimension: 50 x 160 cm
Price: € 49,-