conceptual paintings

04 detail

Bas Geerts’ paintings seem to maintain a continuous dialogue with the viewer. In the first place this is a result of the material used: the viewer sees himself reflected in the shiny metal leaf, while ever changing daylight influences the many reflections. At the same time there is a rigorous logic behind these lyrical works: the designs are based on algorithms written by Geerts himself, in an effort to minimize the presence of the artist in the work.

Bas Geerts (Leiden, 1971) is a visual artist and poet, who studied at the University of Amsterdam. His work has been shown in recent years in various group and solo exhibitions in countries such as Germany, England, Belgium and the Netherlands. His poetry was published in magazines such as De Gids, nY and Tortuca. He currently lives and works in Amsterdam and New York.

120516 – 190516 – 140616 (4)*

All three paintings are based on a computer program, written in 2016, which creates curved grids. The images, designed using the algorithm, were carried out in metal leaf on linen, which was prepared with transparent acrylic resins. The titles refer to the dates on which the designs were generated.

Material: aluminium and acrylics on linen
Dimension: 59 x 59 inches

04 120516


04 - 190516


04 140616