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About De Amsterdamsche Zeepfabriek B.V. (The Amsterdam Soap Factory)

20 Toetsie Zwitserlood

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When Toetsie Zwitserlood got invited to start the social firm De Amsterdamsche Zeepfabriek B.V. (‘The Amsterdam Soap Factory’) she dived into the art of making soap the artisan way. With 11 volunteers she produces and sells different soaps that all contain Coconut oil and Hempseed oil, and a combination of Shea butter and Olive oil or Cacao butter and Castor oil.

Working with wonderful (feel, taste and scent) and organically grown oils, fats and essential oils the making of soap gives pleasure and satisfaction and the nature of the work (precise, strict, with patience) structures the workdays of the soap makers. The Soap factory attracts people who feel the need to make soap for a while. Sometimes because of a turbulent time that was in their lives, or because of job changes, changing interests, learning their language or needing the time to make soaps to figure it all out.

Amsterdam in the Golden Age was in its time known for its soap. Europe knew that Amsterdam soap was always of a reliable good quality and had to have hemp oil as a main ingredient. Here they are again: organic oils for a handmade soap to shower with this time, and again with hempseed oil. The Amsterdamsche Soap Factory shows in the exhibition 'Made in Mokum' six wonderfully rich soothing soaps in different forms. Try for yourself the scents and pamper your skin with the wonderful oils in this soap. Booze, Spry, Choco, Porridge, Brew and Swirl.

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Material: Handmade organic soap, with beer, coffee, oatmeal, hemp protein powder, sage or chocolate powder.

€ 7,50  a piece of 100 grams;
€ 4,00 a piece of 50 grams