23 color mi small tulip lamp

After studying three-dimensional Design in Boxtel, Mark moved to Miami to study Interior Design. After which he remained in the United States to design interiors for cruise ships, these ranged from breath taking theatres and casinos to luxurious suites. His comprehensive portfolio also consists of interior designs for hotels and banks in various other parts of the world.

After returning to the Netherlands, Mark continued with his passion for art and architecture and expanded his portfolio with handmade home accessories, especially lighting.

Tulpen Lamp / Tulip Lamps (23)*

Tulip lamps are obviously inspired by the tulip, the beautiful flower which is the most characteristic for the Netherlands.

These tulip shaped lamps are made of wood and transparent PVC and lined with solid colored paper. They are colorful and attractive for every interior and available in several colors.  By day, these lights are colorful works of art and in the evening they give a warm glow. Marks' lamps are not mass produced but are carefully made in our capital with much love for the profession and in limited editions.

23 tulp lamp large

PVC, colored paper, metal wire, wood
Dimension:  Table lamp (small) height approx. 45 cm
Table lamp (medium) height approx. 50 cm
Table lamp (large) height approx. 70 cm
Floor lamp height approx. 180 cm
Table lamp height approx. 75 cm

Table lamp small € 59,-
Table lamp small € 89,-
Table lamp large € 129,-
XL Table lamp € 209,-
Floor lamp € 319,-

Marky Lamps (24)*

Always wanted to have a lamp that changes the atmosphere of your interior in less than 5 seconds? Well here it is.... Marky lamp is a handmade lamp with a wooden base which has a stone texture and a long thin flexible rubber tube. The lamp shade consists of fine synthetic yarns. You can change the color to set the mood in your interior.

24 marky lamp h800

Fine synthetic yarns, wood and rubber
Dimension:  Table lamp height approx. 60 cm

Table (single light source) € 84,-
Table lamp (double light source) € 104,-
Table lamp (triple light source) € 124,-

** Additional lampshade for the Marky Lamp € 8,-