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About InventDesign (8)*

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InventDesign, founded and based in Amsterdam, has been specialized in designing and building creative LED lighting installations since 2007. The company contributed to many prestigious projects, due to their specialized knowledge of LED lighting and thanks to their creative solutions. InventDesign serves clients in various industries, from retail to hospitality, from club lighting to entertainment and from architecture to interior design. The strength of the company lies in the ability to think along with the customer to a tailor-made lighting solution.

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InventDesign was founded by Stefan Verhoef and has experienced considerable growth over the last 10 years. ‘The ambition to serve an increasing (inter)national market with our high quality products and customized solutions, brought us to where we are today. The potential of InventDesign is great and we are planning to continue that growth in the coming years. Our motto: nothing is impossible!’

InventDesign about Frederike Top: ‘The collaboration with Frederike Top went very well. Her creative vision on product design combined with our specialization in custom-made solutions, has resulted in a special lighting solution that we are proud of.’

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About Frederike Top 

Frederike Top has her own design studio which is based in Amsterdam. Her designs consist mainly of interior products, but she also designs for the public space. Except designing under her own name, Frederike designs for various labels and companies like Rabobank, Nationale Nederlanden, museums, housing organizations and municipalities.

09 reflected sequence frederiketop inventdesign1 h800Her work has a playful character and often asks for interaction. From the source of light, shadow, lightcolour and- strength she tries to create a site-specific atmosphere in the spaces she designs for, often through small interventions which have a major impact. Products of her hand have an extra dimension, little surprises that will only be discovered when they are used. “The surroundings with its users play a major part in my designs, I design for them. For the experience, to look at and for practical use.”  

Frederike graduated in 2007 as Product Designer at the HKU University of the Arts Utrecht and directly started her studio. For two years she combines her designwork with the function of Course Leader at the Product Design department at the Willem the Kooning Academy in Rotterdam.

‘The collaboration with Invent Design is very exciting for me. It often happens that producers should be convinced first about possibilities and constructions of an idea. Invent Design works a lot with challenges and is ot scared to do something new. Then it gets even more interesting.’

Reflected Sequence (9)*

Reflected Sequence consists of mobiles in which the light is reflected by artificial figures (acrylic with foil) hanging next to and under the fixtures in the room. By the reflection of light continuous light lines are created. In addition to reflection, the forms from the acrylic show under different angles various colors. By walking under the design the line of sight changes and a game with color and light will be visible.

Because the work is a dynamic whole the image will change permanently. InventDesign strives to reuse as much as possible rest material or to use for new projects. Reflected Sequence is a good example; the LED lines are manufactured from rest pieces from earlier works and constitute therefore a sustainable basis of the whole.

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Material: acrylate (Pyrasied), cold white LED strips

Afmeting: various dimensions

Prijs: on request