green interior design

Meetingreen offers a green product line of shared desks and co-working tables with integrated plants, leading to happier, healthier and more productive people. Our green office design encourages people in the city to spend significant time with living plants. Founder and psychologist Jurriaan Rogaar believes that the future of the workplace is green and together with Maurits Bloys he designs and builds original tables full of plants.

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The green tables are hand-made using sustainable materials and local production processes. Plant-trays in the middle of the table are filled with beautiful, variegated and carefully selected plants that come straight from the growers. We offer 5 types of plant designs for a variety of green experiences and purposes. The modular table system enables easy re-arranging for multiple office concepts. We customize shape, size, colors and materials on request up to the smallest details.

Shared Green Desk (5)*

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Material: 2 plant trays with plants, steel base frame, bamboo table tops & LED grow lights for plants.
Dimension: 244 x 166 x 75 cm
Price: € 2450,- per stuk / a piece

Large Green Co-working Table (6)*

06 large green co working table h800

Dimension: 488 x 166 x 75 cm / 732 x 166 x 75 cm
Material: 3-5 plant trays with plants, steel base frame, bamboo tabletops & LED grow lights for plants.
Price: on request

Plant trays (7)*

07 plant h800

This lush green design functions as a natural boundary for more private workspaces when sharing desks.
Price: On request