autonomous art, photography, design 

Sarai van de Boel studied in the 90’s at the Art Academy in the discipline theatre design. This has still influence on her current autonomous work, which can be theatrical and is related to space and atmosphere of buildings. In her studio in Amsterdam she is working on autonomous sculptures, photography and design. In addition, she is an art teacher, for example in the Stedelijk Museum of Amsterdam.

About Animals of Shade series

01 animals of shade sarai h800

The exhibited works consist of x-ray photo prints and original x-ray photos on light boxes. They are part of an investigation into the inside of a series of sculptures belonging to the installation Animals of Shade; a group of animals at full size, alienated from itself and the surroundings. The animals were exhibited in dilapidated and forgotten interiors. With x-ray technique Sarai makes the invisible visible and returns back to the inside of the animals looking for a soul. This process was created by the questions of visitors if the animals were 'real'. She was surprised by the graphic nature of the x-rays. She designed special light boxes.

Sarai: ‘The animal series shows feelings of alienation in modern society. They stimulate a deep contemplation at the spectator.’

In the lobby of the hotel you can see a blue Lipizzan horse from the installation, this time on his own.

Lipizzan in Blue (1)*

The blue Lipizzan horse is part of the group of sculptures named Animals of shade. Inspiration arised from the idea that this noble breed is bred by people on size. It was admired and massively stolen by the Nazis. This Lipizzan horse with blue blood has escaped and lives on in the shadow of man. The horse is made of wire, wood and cow fur and painstakingly constructed as realistic as possible.

Price € 5.500,-

X-ray light box Hazel Running (2)*

On self-designed light boxes Sarai shows her x-rays behind a sheet of Perspex. It is the inside of a sculpture of a blue hazel, belonging to a series of sculptures from the installation Animals of Shade.

02 light bo hazel running h800


Material: Birch, Perspex, x-ray, LED plate

Price: € 900,-

X-ray Monkey Face (3)

X-ray Monkey Face is a print of the X-ray photo from the inside of the sculpture Wrapped Monkey 50 kilo.

Sarai shows framed printed x-rays on Hahnemühle paper. This etching paper has an ultimate dullness. The graphic print is a new and natural representation of the original x-ray photographs.

Price: including frame (edition 10)

03 ray monkeyface printsarai h800