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About Thieu Smeets (19)*

19 img 5818 h800Thieu Smeets is living and working in Amsterdam. As he was growing up in a family of artists, going to the art academy felt like a natural step. After studying at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy for a while he decided to let the bookish life behind him and to start his own journey. But the fascination for the arts endlessly stayed and in this way Thieu followed his path and grew into a visual artist.

Recycling objects and materials is what characterizes Thieu’s technique. This way he looks at something existing and sees it for something different and new. He transforms it in to a new shape and gives it a deeper meaning. As a real ‘Amsterdammer’ he watches how bikes characterize the street scene. Therefore, he gives found and abandoned bikes a second life. Inspired by, and using their existing forms, figures and mythological creatures arise as reincarnations.

Thieu is inspired by the relationship between humans and animals, the beastly side of human beings and the herewith closely related mythical scenes and shamanistic rituals. You see this clearly in his performance work, where his sculptures come alive. During this performances Thieu dances with the boundaries between the physical world and our transcendent consciousness. These are intimate rituals. A transformation from sculpture to artist and artist to sculpture.

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