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Art duo Tijdmakers is formed by Saskia Hoogendoorn & Lieuwe Martijn Wijnands. Hoogendoorn (1973) graduated in Social Psychology at the University of Amsterdam, Wijnands (1970) graduated in Design at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute and Culture, Organization & Management at the VU University Amsterdam. They create art & design projects to inspire & connect people with beautiful stories and experiences.

In 2012 Tijdmakers founded the annual Artistic Spring Festival ‘Springsnow in Amsterdam’ to bring an ode to the elm. With 75,000 elm trees, this is Amsterdam’s signature tree. The festival is organized from April 21 – May 21, the time these trees spread their millions of seeds all over the city. The beauty of this phenomenon is celebrated at and around the elm route in the city centre.

Inspired by the elm tree Tijdmakers created in 2014 the first green perfume of Amsterdam: Eau d’Amsterdam in cooperation with perfume designer Tanja Deurloo (Annindriya) and the Olfactive Design Studio at International Flavors & Fragrances (IFF). The perfume has been selected by VOGUE as one of the best scents with a destination and by I Amsterdam as BEST of Amsterdam Brands.

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In 2017 Springsnow honours Johanna Westerdijk, who was the first female professor in the Netherlands

in 1917. As Professor of Phytopathology at Utrecht University and director of CBS-KNAW she researched the Dutch Elm Disease and how to make elm trees resistant. Without her there wouldn’t be so many elm trees to enjoy now in Amsterdam.

As a tribute to Westerdijk Springsnow created 100 scarfs, inspired by the map of Amsterdam elm trees. You can personalize these with three elm related pins. The design is made in cooperation with Barentsz Urban Fabric, who’s Dutch Design in scarfs is inspired by the pattern of cities. This new scarf shows the pattern of the streets of Amsterdam in elm trees.

Springsnow Shawl/ Scarf (21)*

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Design: Barents Urban Fabric & Springsnow
Material: Modal
Dimension: 160 x 60 cm
Price: € 59,=

Shawls will be available from April 21, 2017 in limited numbered edition of 100.

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This exclusive scarf is inspired by the Amsterdam map of elm trees ( with an artistic impression of the spring snow, the magical natural phenomenon of whirling elm seeds, that you can enjoy in the capital from the end of April – the end of May. 100 scarfs were made to honour Johanna Westerdijk, the first appointed female professor of the Netherlands in 1917. Thanks to all her research of the Dutch Elm Disease and how to make elm trees resistant we still can enjoy Amsterdam’s signature tree! You can personalize your scarf with three elm related pins.

© Monique Wijbrands for Springsnow

Eau d’Amsterdam / Scent of the Elm Trees (22)*

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This spring fresh sunny fragrance with subtile Elmwood accents will bring you to a springtime walk along the canals of Amsterdam, when the elm trees blossom, spreading their seeds as spring snow over the city.

Bottle (50 ml) 

Price: € 58,=