Discipline: product design

Studio Carmela Bogman is an office for product design, searching for the subtle beauty of things. A way to brighten up your life with simple and honest design. All projects start with a research focused on history, location or use. This research is the starting point for the final design.

'One of the things that makes me very happy, is the actual realization of the final product. All actions are focused on making the translation from an idea to a final product.' An important part of the design process are the experiments with shape, material and colour. With prototypes and scale models I rapidly make a clear image of essence of the design.

Carmela Bogman studied at the Design Academy Eindhoven and started Studio Carmela Bogman in 2006.

Lilylight (18)*

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Lilylight is an elegant candle holder which is inspired by the beautiful shape of a water lily. Thanks to the transparent design the candles seemingly float. Even when the candle is not burning it is a beautiful object for your interior.

Lilylight is made of aluminium and is available in the colours dark blue, pink, turquoise and titanium. Lilylight is available in two sizes and consists of four elements which are held in place by a small rubber band and can be put together easily. Lilylight is packaged to be send via mail which makes it a nice gift for friends and family abroad.

Lilylight is designed by Carmela Bogman and is completely produced in the Netherlands.

Material: Aluminium

Lilylight small 13,4 x 5,1 cm
Lilylight medium 15,8 x 7,1 cm

Lilylight small pink, turquoise
Lilylight medium titanium, blue

Lilylight small € 19,-
Lilylight medium € 21,-