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Rona was born in Amsterdam and obtained her degree in graphic design and drawing at the Amsterdam School for Graphic Art. Her first job was as assistant to well-known professionals in the fashion and theatre industry. After she started to work for advertising agencies as a commercial artist. Marriage and the international nature of her husband's job led her to work in Asia where she lived for many years. She continued her art studies in Tokyo and worked for Tokyo's Coiffure de Paris magazine, and was published in Japan's Times magazine. In Singapore her paintings were exhibited at the Grand Hyatt Hotel receiving rave reviews from international critics.

Her great love is fusion painting. She combines painting with oil with digital techniques. Her works are on the one hand, intense and powerful, but can, on the other hand, show softness and innocence. Some of the works have Swarovski crystals that ray of light and colour. Rona's diversity derives from many sources such as a strong belief in the power and sensitivity of the nature, colour, and creativity.

In her new 'Organic Nature' collection she stresses the colours and forms of nature and minerals, such as gemstones. She paints it on oil on canvas, takes high definition photos from the paintings and digitally enhance it on her computer. The high definition photo's of her paintings are then printed on acrylic glass or brushed aluminium. With some artworks of the 'Organic Nature' collection Rona Koot used a kaleidoscope to let the images smoothly flow into each other.
Rona wants to show the beauty of planet earth and that we choose to be ór the destroyers ór the co creators off this planet. She is choosing for the last option.

The prices of her prints vary from € 550,- to € 995,-

Flamingo Organic Kaleidoscope (19)*

19 flamingo organic kaleidoscope euro 650 h640

Price: € 650,-

Flower Crunch (20)*

20 flower crunch euro 550 h640

Price: € 550,-

Flower Power (21)*

21 flower power euro 495 h640

Price: € 495,-

Free as a bird (22)*

22 free as a bird euro 650 h640

Price: € 650,-

Ruby from the earth (23)*

23 ruby from the earth euro 450 h640

Price: € 450,-

Kaleidoscope bright colored stones (24)*

24 kaleidoscope bright colored stones euro 650 h640

Price: € 650,-

Kaleidoscope river stones (25)*

25 kaleidoscope river stones euro 450 h640

Price: € 450,-