Discipline: nature photography

I Magic Fungi series (10)*

From image to imagination. That’s the road for George in nature photography. With an open mind he embraces the beauty that reveals itself. As an autodidact in search of his own signature style he finds inspiration in the work of others. Photographers and painters alike. But most of all by nature itself. Like the magic fungi in this exposition.

10 a triplet i h640  10 b triplet ii h640  10 c triplet iii h640

Triplet I
Triplet II
Triplet III

10 d magic fungi 9984 h640 10 e magic fungi 9881 h640 10 f magic fungi 0469 h640

Magic Fungi 9984
Magic Fungi 9881
Magic Fungi 0469

10 g magic fungi 0036 h640 10 h magic fungi 1215 h640 10 i magic fungi 0182 h640

Magic Fungi 0036
Magic Fungi 1215
Magic Fungi 0182

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