vertical gardens / (green) interior solutions

Vertuss | vertical plant system started because of the increasing demand for wall vegetation, green interior solutions and vertical gardens. Vertuss | vertical plant system developed separate systems for indoor and outdoor purposes. Vertuss got two offices, the headquarter is located in the Netherlands. The second office is located in Germany because of the advanced market of the realization of vertical gardens.

Vertuss Stand-alone is a vertical garden system which is developed to be completely self-sufficient. The compact system includes a water reservoir which provide the plants from water for approximately 7 weeks. Vertuss Stand-alone is available in a standard version of 2000 x 400 (variable) x 2400 mm. The compact design ensures the easy way of experience real plants within a building.

You do not need adaptations to your building and there are no cable connections required. Only the benefits of real plants within your familiar environment. That’s the idea of the Vertuss stand-alone system.

Vertuss Stand-alone at Rabobank (8)*

Stand-alone system at helpdesk Rabobank West-Friesland.

08 rabobank west friesland detail h640 08 rabobank west friesland h640

Vertuss Stand-alone vergaderzaal (9)*

Realization of Stand-alone system in the meetingroom of Schadenberg Groep.

09 vergaderzaal schadenberg groep detail h640 09 vergaderzaal schadenberg groep h640

Materials: Galvanized steel, substrate, fleece, plants, lighting and irrigation system (including cultivation of plants, design, transportation and installation)

Dimension: 2000 x 400 x 2400 mm (l x b x h / l x w x h)

Price: € 3990,-