fine art printmaking & surface pattern design 

The work of Nicole contains a lot of tracks and trails. Of people and animals. You can also find roads, landscapes, trees and maps in her work. Nicole is a printmaker, she got her degree in fine arts at the Royal Academy for Art, The Hague. Printmaking defines lino- and woodcut, etching, lithography and silkscreen. 'What I love about printing is the moment when the sheet is going through the press, and you look at the very first imprint on paper. That is magical', Nicole says.
A few years ago Nicole went to study at the Academy Vogue in Amsterdam, to specialize in designing surface patterns for wallpaper and curtains. It gives her the opportunity to work at really small, but also at very big surfaces. There possibilities are endless.

Find Big Details #1 and #2 (6)*

Surface pattern

06 fbd 1patroon h640 06 fbd 2patroon h640 

The FBD collection – Find Big Details is based on structures and forms found during walks. Her philosophy is: 'See the small things around you, don’t take everything for granted. Look! Maybe you will find more.'

Material: digital file
Dimension: rapport 53 x 53 cm
Price: € 500,- per repeat

Baobab Heights II (7)*

template technique

07 baobab hights ii h640

View on Baobab tree, based on a travelling picture from Australia. The altitude lines refer to the mountains on the background. 'I’m using a technique that I developed myself, that I call template technique. With the help of a linocut and masking film I’m making a template, layer over layer for every colour.' That is why every artwork is unique.

Material: acrylics on hardboard
Dimension: 122 x 100 cm
Price: € 700,- a piece
Edition: 1 of 1