Discipline: Digital artist, mixed media, fashion, gastronomy

Petra Hart graduated in 1988 from high school with exceptional grades for her drawing exam. After graduating she moved to Paris for a year. In this city her love for art blossomed. Back in Holland she finished her graphic design study at the Grafisch Lyceum of Amsterdam, Concept & Art Direction at the International School of Communication Arts and The Orientation year at the Rietveld Academie. During her orientation year she had her breakthrough with her Heart-World art project. Through the sale of art and products she collects money for children in need.

Preserving Treasures of Nature / Serving Treasures of Nature

Petra Hart is visual artist. Her process is almost chromatographic; starting from a very concentrated drop of experience she creates an ever expanding palette of techniques and associative images with which she approaches the once living material as closely as possible. She doesn't limit herself to an object on a wall but serves her treasures as food or uses them as narrative devices during staged content meetings to make them part of various social networks. She shows us the aesthetic qualities and wondrous mathematically of insects while simultaneously referring to processes of globalization and the transport of food. A grasshopper is both a plague perfected by evolution and a valid, sustainable source of proteins. Eating insects is very common in many parts of the world, but is only now being introduced in Western Europe as a means to lower our dependence on bio-industry. Global and often contrary processes are all connected to the corpse of a single specimen.

Tunic 1. Papilio zalmoxis (Giant Blue Swallowtail butterfly) (3)*

03 tuniek 1 papilio zalmoxis detail h640

Tunic 2. Scamandra thetis (Lantern fly) (4)*

04 tuniek 2 scamandra thetis h640

Tunic 3. Antrophaneura Semperi albofasciata (Butterfly) (5)*

05 tuniek 3 antrophaneura semperi albofasciata h640

Petra Hart lets her public physically experience this process of deconstruction. She removes all boundaries of size, scale and materiality from her subject by transferring it to the digital realm. With a great eye for detail she creates a vector-based drawing of the chosen natural phenomenon. This drawing then forms the base for a silk tunic, a visual play of lines representing a digital skeleton set in silk.

Material: digital printed on 100% silk
Dimension: one size
Price: € 229,- a piece
Edition: 3