meubelmaker, furniture designer

‘I dream, imagine and create all my designs myself. From the first sketch to the last wood chip. Because true passion only shows when you touch and adjust every last detail with you own hands.’

MARK I (1)*

‘The beauty of nature opposite the geometric perfection of man.’

01 eind foto frontaal 1 h640 01 eind foto gat h640 

The egg is a design created by nature, which is seen as the pursuit of perfection in form and strength. In the mind of man, beauty is often geometric in form and structure. It is often forgotten that just curves make the design more humane. The 'MARK I' shows, that the shapes reduced directly from nature, are more meaningful than the geometric perfection that man himself has created. By buying the cabinet the man is given a choice. When one chooses for the natural beauty, one will let the egg completely and can enjoy its perfection in form and proportion. When one chooses for functional importance, one breaks with this perfection, and the egg will serve as an object in which valuable possessions can be shown. To do this, one uses a hammer whose shape is derived from prehistoric times, when man and nature were one.

Material: porcelain plaster, Sipo Mahonie
Dimension: 210 cm - 180 cm – 80 cm
Price: € 8.000,- a piece

Bend (2)*

02 bend stoel 01 h640 02 bend stoel 3 h640

Bend is made out of 7 steam bent ash wooden sticks. They are bent in a shape that’s designed to be very strong with as less material as possible. The seating area is made out of a cloth of synthetic felt that hangs between the wood and has no further constructional purpose. The chair only weighs 2,8 kg because of the use of the two lightweight materials.

Material: ash wood, synthetic felt
Dimension: 86 cm - 60 cm – 54 cm
Price: on request