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24 logo joosth pms h800Dutch designer Joost Heetman can be found behind the name JOOSTH. After his study Product Design at the Design Academy Eindhoven in The Netherlands, he worked in France for many years. His career began with Endt Fulton & Partners in Paris, where he worked amongst others on exhibitions for Centre Pompidou and Musée de la Villette.

Later, Heetman collaborated with Anne Liberati. Together they designed numerous interiors and furniture collections, like ‘Jour & Nuits’, ‘Pom-Pom Girls’ and ‘Dans les coulisses de la Temperance’ from the collection of Chateau Beychevelle. Musée d’Art Décorative purchased ‘Pin-up’ from the collection Pom-Pom Girls, as a particular example of furniture design in France in the nineties. Heetman and Liberati were related to NEOTU in Paris and New York.

Besides his interior and furniture activities, a special light object has been developed: The ‘Glacier’, a chandelier made out of high quality crystalline resin. When the lamp is on, broken light emerges from the undulating transparent components that decorates the space it is situated in. Despite the icy look of the Glacier Collection, it provides a warm glowing light and creates a serene sense of calmness.

Over the years, Heetman has refined the design of the Glacier and developed various models and applications. Besides the regular collection, JoostH develops oversized models for high-end architectural and commercial projects. These special designs can go up to 9 metres or even bigger. For now the sky is the limit. For the oversized models, the studio of JoostH produces special lighting elements built out of a series of high-quality LED lights, so maintenance is reduced and lifetime is significantly extended.

JoostH mixes and adjusts the different components and ingredients to obtain an exclusive, unique and surprising result to every object. It is not only what you see, but more important, it is how it shapes the environment and the experience.

The Glacier Collection (24)*

24 glacier collectie h800 24 glacier collectie hangend

The Glacier Collection of Joost Heetman (brand name JoostH) reminds you of the most beautiful sculptures from the Ice Age. A design lamp that looks like a frozen water sculpture, but yet gives a warm sense of light. Its reflection will change your room constantly and spreads a vivid play of light and shadow on walls and ceiling.