Discipline: lamp design

Mark studied 3 Dimensional Design in Boxtel, The Netherlands. After this he also studied Interior Design in Miami, where he after his studies designed interiors for cruise ships such as casinos, theatres and suites. After that he expanded his portfolio by designing interiors for among others hotels and banks. Upon his return to The Netherlands he enhanced his love for art and architecture, especially the combination of materials and colors. What was started as a passion for interior design and architecture resulted in the creation of his handmade home accessories, particularly lamps.

Tulip Lamps (23a)*

23a tulip lamp  23a tulp lamp medium 23a tulp lamp vloerlamp

These lamps are inspired by one of the many beauties that The Netherlands has to offer such as flowers, especially tulips. The tulip-shaped lamps materials include wood and transparent PVC sheet, covered with solid colored paper. These colorful and cozy lamps are designed in various colors.
The surprising combinations of materials, sleek and unique items are a beautiful addition to an interior. The lamps bring a warm summer feeling during the day and the colorful works of art, in the evening, gives a warm glow.

In addition to lamps in warm colors (white/blue), a selection is made with ice- and wintercolors (white/blue) especially for the exhibition Organic Winter.

The lamps are not mass-produced. They are handmade in Amsterdam and all come in limited edition. They are made with great care and attention to detail.

PVC, colored paper, metal wire, wood

Table lamp (small) height approx. 45 cm
Table lamp (medium) height approx. 50 cm
Table lamp (large) height approx. 70 cm
Floor lamp height approx. 180 cm

Table lamp small € 59,- 
Table lamp small € 89,-
Table lamp large € 129,-
Floor lamp € 319,-

Cozy Lamp (23b)*

23b cozy h800   23b cozy lamp detail 1

Who said that a wineglass is only to drink from? Cozy lamp was created by combining different kinds of materials such as PVC, colored paper, wood, rubber and a lot of imagination. This flexible lamp comes in different colors and is definitely an eye-catcher in every interior.

PVC, colored paper, rubber, wood

Table lamp height approx. 60 cm

Table lamp (with 3 light sources) € 139,-
Table lamp (with 1 light source) € 89,-
Hang lamp (with 12 light sources) € 589,-