Discipline: furniture maker (or actually musicbox maker)

About Solaris Houtatelier

Love for wood Rob de Looff already has a long life. His work as a furniture maker began only about 16 years ago. Initially he worked as a photographer and followed courses at Art Academies in The Hague (Photo Academy) and Breda (St.Joost) but did not finish them and his interest in photography disappeared shortly after.

Then he worked for many years as a cook on an estate/conference centre in the heart of the woods. Here his love for wood flared up again, and very often you could find him in the wood shop, above which he lived. In those years he established himself as an autodidact skilled in woodworking. In 2014 he ventured to start his own carpentry in Utrecht. In February 2016 this resulted in making music boxes, which now has become his full time job.

About the Musical Wood - what is the meaning of city wood Amsterdam

There are more than 1 million trees in Amsterdam. About 15 thousand of them are felled annually. Usually because of disease, (storm)damage or changes in the infrastructure.

For several years the foundation ‘Amsterdam City Wood’ handles some of these felled trees that would otherwise often be fragmented. In this way the wood is preserved for the city and durable recycled. So therefore city wood is ‘Wood from the city, for the city and its inhabitants' (and of course for all visitors!). The Amsterdam music boxes are all made from this wood.

Music Boxes with hand crank musical movement (7*)

07 3068  

Amsterdam is a multicultural city and also the tree culture is very diverse. The unique signature of each tree is clearly visible in the timber, and makes each music box different. From each music box that is created is known where the tree stood. Sometimes there are stories or the age is known. The name 'Musical Wood', as the author calls the music boxes, is represented by the bird on the twig. At this model a cut opening through which you can see the built-in mechanism. The box itself cannot open but sounds very bright thanks to the extra thin wood.

Available in various types of wood. Choice of about 30 melodies. Including ‘La vie en Rose’, ‘Amelie’  en ‘Tulips from Amsterdam’!

On the picture e.g.: Ash, Amsterdam Forest & Elm, Kromboomsloot
Finish: Tung oil
Dimension: 66 x 66 x 60 (l x b/w x h)
Price € 29, -
With personalized engraving into the wood € 39,-

Music box with hand crank movement (8)*

08 dsc00567 08 dsc00581

The design is deliberately kept simple by the creator with some pretty subtle details like the button on the lid and the piping in the rounded corners in a contrasting color of wood. Each box is made with much dedication and feeling!
Rob de Looff; 'Why I choose to make music boxes I cannot remember exactly. I think because 'boxes' have something magical. There is something contained in it, a promise. In this case, a melody! Only when you turn the crank you will hear the sound of the melody due to the resonance in the wood’. That's why it's called ' Musical Wood '!Available in various types of wood. Choice of about 30 melodies. An engraving in the wood makes this case a unique gift.Houtsoort: Sorbus Aria (Meelbes), Amstelpark / Wood: Aria Sorbus, Amstelpark Amsterdam

Type of Wood: Ash, Amsterdam Forest, Plane & Aria Sorbus, Amstelpark
Finish: Tung oil
Dimension: 72 x 72 x 60 mm (l x b/w x h)
Price: € 49,-  

Music / Jewellery box with winding mechanism (9)*

09 dsc00585 09 dsc00609

This music box has an extra magical addition; The melody starts playing as soon as the lid is opened. It has an extra box for small valuables. A box made for a lifelong! Available in different versions. Photographed exemplar has a removable element. Depending on the chosen mechanism the melody plays 3-6 minutes and wind-up is on the bottom.Available in various types of wood. Choice of about 20 melodies. Including Lullabies, Chansons d'Amour (La Vie en Rose), Film / ballet and Classical music.Houtsoort: Kers, Uiterwaardenstraat. / Type of wood: Cherry, Uiterwaardenstraat.

Finish: Tung oil
Dimension: 137 x 72 x 56 mm (l x b/w x h)
Prices from: € 69,-