Artist mixed media

For this exhibition Gerda Maas was inspired by nature. A Japanese Zen garden, a flock of birds, mist and extragalactic nebulae, a whirlwind of seeds, snow or autumn leaves, they can all give Gerda excitement.

After her graduation as a bachelor of arts and education Gerda worked with clay for a long time. Now her prime choice of material is polymer, an artificial material. With which she developed her own, unique technique. She moulds it, colours it and enriches it with a pure gold or silver layer. Nature itself is part of the structures as e.g. elm seeds find their way into the polymer.

Inner Source V (1)*

01 inner source 01 inner source v gallery setting

A major inspiration for the Inner Source series are the whirl winds of elm seeds blowing through Amsterdam, European capital of elm trees. The Amsterdam elm trees even have their own festival, the Springsnow festival, yearly during the period when elms cover Amsterdam with their whirling seeds. This amazing phenomenon inspired Gerda to collect all different types of elm seeds as material. After moulding them into the polymer she makes them radiate by a pure gold leaf cover, which accentuates the beauty and form of each seed. The magical moment of creation is when Gerda assembles all the seeds together like a whirlwind.

Nebula X (2)*

02 nebula x detail h800

Nebula means fog or mist in Latin. Thin mist rising from the ground early in the morning or extragalactical nebulae throughout the universe are examples of how Gerda sees Nebula. Nebula X is a thin mist thickening into a heavy cloud, illuminated with silver spots by the sun or moon.

Aranea IV (3)*

03 aranea iv gallery setting 1 03 aranea iv overzicht

The story about a flock of spiders told by one of Gerda’s gallery holders inspired her to the Aranea series. She made tiny spiders with little hairy bodies made of merino wool and let them grow in the safe area of a ‘misty cob web’.