Discipline: product design

About David Graas

David Graas (Haarlem, The Netherlands) studied product design at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy of Art in Amsterdam. Since 2004 he works as an independent product designer. Investigating the relationship between functional objects and their users, how these objects are valued and why. Not caring much for 'pretty things', his focus lies with ideas rather than style. His aim is to provoke a long term understanding between his products and their users and prolong their lifespan in an era where the cycle of fashion spins ever faster.

(1*) Fruitbox Fantasy

01-Fruitbox Fantasy

Material and technique: used fruit boxes, glue, paint

Especially for the Paper Art & Design expo, David Graas designed a cabinet made completely out of used fruit boxes. By combining them, cutting them and re-assembling them, a constructive piece of furniture appears. The details of the fruit boxes, that by origin have a mere functional purpose, now get an ornamental quality. It shows that form and function are two of a kind. And it shows that the seemingly worthless can be transformed into something unexpectedly precious.