Discipline: drawing

About Lenneke van der Goot

Lenneke van der Goot graduated from the Utrecht School of the Arts, departments Bachelor of Education in Visual Art and Design (2003) and Bachelor of Fine Art (2004). Nowadays she lives in Amsterdam and has a studio next to 't IJ at Pakhuis Wilhelmina . She works on paper and creates temporary site-specific installations made from tape. Her work has been shown in various solo and group exhibitions in The Netherlands and abroad, including White Box (New York, 2009), Museum Van Bommel van Dam (Venlo, 2011), Drawing Centre Diepenheim (2012), Gallery Judy Straten (2013) and Provinciehuis Noord-Holland in Haarlem (2013/2014).

Shadow serie/series

In the Shadow series Van der Goot is looking for a new visual language in which malleability stands central. Collages consisting of black and white copies of landscapes are the starting point. The creative process is visible and become part of the image, which therefore more refers to a staged world, then to the reality.

(5*) Retort Reconstructed #2

(5*) Retort Reconstructed #2

In Retort Reconstructed Van der Goot used remains of the site-specific installation she made for the exhibition Guerrilla Drawing (Retort Art Space, Amsterdam, 2012).

(6*) Shadow #21

You see a painted black and white copy of a dark landscape. It is attached with a piece of tape on the wall. On the one hand the tape suggests that the position of the copy can be changed easily. On the other hand, this setting is permanent, because it is minutely painted.

(7*) Shadow #23

(7*) Shadow #23

What you see is a black and white copy with folded white pieces of paper. They prevent you to see what is behind. It looks like they could blow away any moment. The final piece brings the layers back to one.