with students and graduates from AKV|St.Joost (Den Bosch en Breda, NL)


Discipline: graphic design

About Nieuweklasse

'Nieuweklasse' supports (graphic) designers by sharing knowledge and experiences and, above all, by just acting. Guidance and custom coaching is interspersed with various activities to design professionals (from starters to advanced) To inspire and to motivate, to play and to work. 'Nieuweklasse' was founded by Joke Mestdagh, graphic designer and teacher, because learning should continue in practice.

During the workshop 'So you think you can PRINT!?' design professionals learn more about making special printed matter. In the time where some claim that print is dead and most printed matter is standard, we believe this is necessary.

About the displayed work

Students and graduates of AKV |St. Joost who took part in a workshop were asked to play with the theme 'Dutch Design'. The created images were the basis for the experiment with the possibilities of the printing technique (offset) and the materials. To do this, they made use of the facilities of the academy, in particular a printing press that is ideal to experiment and the expert support of the 'master in print', John van Peer.
The series of posters in this exhibition are the result of the workshop. Contrary to what is usual with offset printing, the technique is used to create a series of unique works. On the website 'Nieuweklasse.org' you can see the work come to life in a report on the workshop.