Creative Creature

Artist / designer /author / teacher in mixed media 3d big and small;
paint, drawing, collage, lost+found, plastic, animation

About Hannah Tofts

Hannah; 'After my studies MA, Royal College of Art, London, I worked in Illustration, 3d, collage, animation, wrote 15 children's books and teached BA Graphic Design in London. I moved to Amsterdam for 14 years, my favourite city, where I began to paint and changed my style again. Decoding Dutch food traditions in more painterly collage, making with thrown-away cardboard and paper, props and 3d collages for e.g. the Dutch department store HEMA and important other Dutch companies. A year in Australia, another home, painting aqua seas, lost & found sea collages and making fruit-box cardboard pieces; always making with whatever I find wherever I travel. Torn between wild nature and cafes by bike I moved to West Coast Scotland, 5 years ago, painting, drawing my vegetables, making with plastic and washed up finds and teaching kids and adults to have fun looking and creating. Always with a bike and heart in Holland; producing books with Dutch creative partner: 'Zzebbraa for Curious Creatures', 'I can't draw...Ways of Looking no.1', 'Plastic Sea', 'Winter Seascapes 1 of 4', 'Paper Street' in progress...

Passionate about Art and Design, ways of looking, inspiring creativity, documenting the story to share.'

Winter Seascapes West Coast Scotland 1/4 seasons 'from the city to the sea' /

'Every change makes you look with 'outsider' eyes to decode your environment with no presumption; this time it was literally new horizons of changing light, colour and huge composition issues to tackle.
I haven't dared to paint it yet, but am almost ready to choose a point of view.
I draw, document, play with colour, look and always return to collage, my natural medium.
Teaching others to see makes me look more closely too and see new possibilities.

After endless months of wet relentless grey I had to give in; mixing 69 shades of grey, painting my papers, cropping that sea and sky I captured my scenes as tiny mini worlds. Using a long lost camera format, pinning it down in black.

20 artworks numbered:1-20;
11.5 x 5.5 cm, framed
Paint and paper, cut, torn and glued

Price: € 99,- a piece

(11)* Hannah Tofts