Studio / gallery / platform for paper

About Whispering Wall

Whispering Wall is a studio, gallery and platform for paper situated in The Hague. It is an initiative by Mark de Weijer, an artist who is fascinated by paper. The connecting themes at Whispering Wall are paper, design and fine art.

At Whispering Wall work by designers and artists who research the various applications of paper is sold and presented. The studio is used for the production of both autonomous projects and work on commission. Furthermore, Whispering Wall organizes sessions and workshops with and by experts from within the fields of paper, fine arts and design.

You can visit Whispering Wall Wednesdays thru Saturdays from 12 noon – 6 pm and by appointment. 56 Weimarstraat, The Hague.

Whispering Wall during the exhibition Paper Art & Design at Dutch Design Hotel Artemis:

Specifically for the purpose of introducing the Amsterdam region with Whispering Wall's platform for paper, Mark de Weijer, initiator of Whispering Wall, invited four product designers from the platform to show their work. They are buroJET, deJongeKalff, Wonderable and Marieke Dijkers. In addition, Mark will also show his own designs during the exhibition.

Photographer: Jhoeko