Discipline: product design

About Wonderable and Carla Peters

Wonderables are accessories for the home. A feast for the eye, made by hand. In her Wonderables collection, Carla Peters combines the clear lines of western design tradition with age-old craft techniques from faraway lands. This way of working leads to exciting new designs full of references and commentary. Simply Wonderable: beautiful designs to treasure all your life.

Carla Peters, founder and designer. After working as a designer for a number of clients, Carla Peters made her dream come true in 2009: Wonderable. This own home accessory line allows her to combine her knowledge of original, exotic craft techniques with her ideas about design and décor. 'I love working with others to make beautiful products in a beautiful way. Ideally, everyone who's involved in my designs should benefit. When I'm able to make that happen, I'm thrilled.'

Hallelujah (17*)

These lamps are made of waste paper obtained from a Vietnamese printer, in the same manner as classic Vietnamese garlands. Each Hallelujah consists of 500 colourful sheets – leftover covers for a local glossy magazine. Each sheet is printed with lines of glue and stuck to the one before it. When the stack is thick enough, it is cut into the right shape and the first sheet glued to the last. The Hallelujah lamps give off a fine, colourful filtered light. Since no two magazines are the same, each lamp has a colour mood all its own.

CE E27, 230Vac / paper and metal frame
Length cord: 2,5 meter
Handmade in Vietnam
By fair trade artisans
design Carla Peters

Price indication depending on the model: € 219,- - €875,-