Discipline : paper artist


About Gerri Raap: (8*)

The paper artist Gerri Raap (1947) works from her own studio in Ermelo. From 1983 till 1992 she was a member of a study group occupied with design and from 1992 till now she works on her own. She is still following workshops to learn new techniques on a regular base. She is using on her own special way a large variety of materials. In the last years she is mostly active with paper, cardboard and plastic, with assisting materials like perspex, wood and metal. A wide range of existing paper and her own handmade paper is used.

The inspiration for her work she finds in structures, rhythms in architecture and observations in daily life.

Therefore typical for much of her work are often the repetitions. Sometimes she starts with a design, but often her inspiration is the material itself.

During the exhibition Paper Art & Design Gerri Raap is showing a large part of her versatile paper art oeuvre.