Discipline: painting, visual art

Cas Pieksma is an autodidact and has developed into a passionate painter, potter and visual artist. His works often have a link with nature. In making visual work Cas makes use of recycled materials such as plastic, wood and metals where possible. In this way, he gives expression to the inner drive that he feels to nurture and protect the earth.

Save the fish  (16)*

16 safe the fish detail h200 16 safe the fish h200

The reason for making this painting is an article in a magazine about large-scale overfishing of the oceans. Species such as the blue tuna disappear by overfishing. The species has no chance to recover as well as small fish are caught and processed in the food industry. An unfair battle between man and the animal.

Material: cotton canvas on wood frame, acrylic paint, varnish, fishnet, plastic bottles.
Dimensions: 23,6 X 23,6 inch
Price: € 225,-

Catch me if you can (17)*

17 catch me if you can detail h200 17 catch me if you can h200
Catch me if you can is a sequel to Save the fish.

Material: linen canvas on wood frame, acrylic paint, varnish, fishnet, plastic bottles.
Dimensions: 37,4X 37,4 inch
Price: € 750,-

Bottom up (18)*

18 bottom up extra keuze h200 18 bottom up h200
The raw materials on earth are running out. Many materials are discarded and wandering around in the nature in the environment of humans and animals. Examples include plastic soup in the oceans and PET bottles of soda that are left everywhere .
For Cas, the materials used are a starting point for creating a work of art . What was left as useless is now transformed into a playful light object that gives color to the environment.Material: construction of recycled birch wood, 77 LED lights 220V, recycled bubble wrap, plastic bottles .
Dimensions:  Ø 30,71 inch
price: € 800,--

Top down (19)*

19 top down eventueel extra detail h200 19 top down h200
Top Down is a sequel to Bottom Up.

Materials: construction of recycled birch wood , 100 LED lights 220V, PET bottles.
Dimensions: 31,1 X 31,1 inch
Price: € 900,-