Discpline: social design

Over Do Goodie Bag (25)*

The Do Goodie Bag is not just a shopping bag but a bag with a message! The Do Goodie Bag is designed by artists who want to make us aware of the effects of plastic waste. Each person uses about 250 plastic disposable bags per year, which means that the Netherlands pollutes the Earth annually with more than 4,000,000,000 plastic bags. With the Do Goodie Bag we aim to reduce the use of plastic bags, to encourage the reuse and offer an alternative to the plastic bag. The Do Goodie Bag is strong, reusable and can easily fold into a small package so you always have it with you.

25 do goodie bag 2 h200 25 do goodie bag h200

There are two models: the black-white model of DUSarchitects which addresses the need of recycling. And the green model of illustrator Sue Doeksen that tells about the dangers of plastic soup.

prijs € 5,- a piece