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PLASTIC SEA  ‘It's funny what you find...’  (9)*

Prints from 660 pages of PLASTIC SEA creative beach clean

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I moved from a city to the sea; from Amsterdam to West Coast Scotland. I walked the beach every day, in every season; observing, documenting and collecting marine plastic litter for 6 years. I was shocked by the plastic rubbish washed up every day.

Meters high of plastic waste we had thrown in to our oceans from our homes, play and work places. I’d collected plastic toys and silly plastic bits for 35 years; I love plastic, but not in the sea. By now I'd read about Plastic Soup, the plastic gyres in the Pacific. I'd seen the iconic dead Albatross chicks on Midway Atoll. But still people in cities weren't interested. My studio got full. On a community Beach Clean I overheard a seven year old say ‘I'm angry with you grown-ups... we always have to solve your problems, it can't just be fun anymore...’

09 plastic sea h200 09 plastic sea 3 h200

So I started to create, to inspire with creativity, to show, to make you look and remember, to react, to suggest a legacy of zero tolerance. 2 years later I put on an exhibition to make people look and not ignore. The village was surprised, excited, motivated, they'd never seen creative fun out of something shocking. I ran creative workshops for kids, projects with primary schools and a second exhibition of my creations. I needed to show the story to the world. It was a big story discovered in a small community. Visual impact for global impact.

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