Discipline: spatial design

‘The material will bring my fantasy in to play; my hands will act upon that.’Joke (1944) studied sculpting and goldsmithing at the Urban Academy of Fine Arts (SASK) in Sint Niklaas (Belgium). Currently she studies at the Sint Lucas Academy in Kapellen (Belgium) for a higher degree in Project atelier.

Clay, lead, brass, wax, plaster and freestone made their way through her hands. Presently she finds it challenging to express herself using a variety of odd or used materials.

She manages to produce extraordinaries from yesterday’s convenience and today’s burden.

Annoyance and ease (10)*

10 def kubus artemis h200

A cube made from old rebar and concrete mesh net. Plastic bags were woven through the loops. People from all over the world collected these plastic bags. All those plastic bags you got with everything you bought were a convenience, but afterwards they will become an annoyance.

Recreationists (11)*

11 recreanten artemis h200

A re-creation from old materials. Using rebarb and plastic bags as a base for a walking family: ‘the Recreationists’.

New Dutch Herring (12)*

12 nieuwe hollandse nieuwe h200

From the theme Holland at the Keukenhof 2014. What is more Dutch then new Dutch Herring? Five fish made from a frame of old tubes, clothed with XPS isolation material. The exterior is made from caps of dairy- and soda bottles. Old tires are the fins, old rubber strips the mouth and gills.