Discipline: mixed mediaOver LoliesART

Anne-Katrien Ausems is the creative mind behind LoliesART. She produces a variety of objects and items.  Anne-Katrien works mainly with waste material and she is able to find alternative ways of using these materials, for example turning a plastic bag into a beautiful necklace.
What we all consider unusable Anne-Katrien is able to give it a whole new dimension. After turning, twisting and burning waste materials are transformed to beautiful designed objects. Jewellery, lamps and other objects are created, but always with a wink to our consumer society.
Anne-Katrien: ‘Worldwide we are producing 3 billion plastic bags per year. After only one time use all these plastic bags are thrown away as waste. Unfortunately a huge part of it will be litter. It is my goal to contribute to minimize the waste of plastic by showing alternative ways of looking at these materials.’

Anne-Katrien Ausems, who is living in Brabant, is regular participating in exhibitions and selling her art objects in galleries. The recycling of waste materials and make an active contribution to the sustainable world make her work up to date and accessible to a large public.
The source of inspiration for Anne-Katrien is the material she is encountering in her daily life. She examines it and performs experiments on the material. During this process multiple shapes are created. The abstract forms are stimulating the imagination of the observer, this is for Anne-Katrien one of the most important goals of art.

Cutlery necklace (6)*

06 couvert halssieraad h200

Fork, knife and spoon underwent a metamorphosis and are transformed to a wonderful necklace.

Price € 32,50

Crazy Bird (7)*

07 gekke vogel h200

The world, both land and see, are being overwhelmed with plastic thrown away.  This has lots of negative impact on our environment. As counterweight we should make something cheerful from it.

Price € 275,-

Force (8)*

08 kracht h200

No control anymore over plastics, therefor combine de forces and act together.

Price € 79,-