Discipline: product design

Packaging, whether it is used for crisps or milk or washing powder is carefully designed. A designer has given serious thought to presentation of the product; combining form, materials and colours in such tempting ways that we, as consumers, are compelled to choose their product over the one of the competitor.

However, once that battle is won and the product is bought, at home the consumer discards the package and it ends up in the trashcan without anybody acknowledging the path that it took to become what it is. Isn’t that strange?Inspired by the beauty of junk and worried about the growing amount of household waste, artist Elze van den Akker decided to take packaging materials as the base material and inspiration for her product-designs. And started Pou-Belle Design in the summer of 2010.

Sweet Concrete (3)*

03 sweet concrete

The Sweet Concrete is a vase handmade of watertight concrete and plastic soda bottles. The bottles are collected by consumers or picked from the streets, cleaned thoroughly and sandblasted. Al bottles without deposit can be used. In the Netherlands this means all 0,33 l bottles and some other like bottles used for olive-oil or washing-liquid.

price € 28,50  a piece

BottleCapButton  (4)*

04 dopknoop h200 04 dopknoop tak h200

BottleCapButtons are handmade from re-used plastic bottle caps. The users of these bottles collect the caps. Our collectors believe in re-use and love beautiful things made with love for the environment and humanity. They think it is marvellous to be able to give the world something beautiful just by drinking. Don’t you?

The bottles caps come from bottles of soda and water. The BottleCapButton isn’t just any button. It can be used for clothing, buttoning your sofa or on a bag. Every button is unique and a statement for sustainable design.The BottleCapButton is used for different artworks, clothing as well available in sets of three with envelope to give away as a present or send to a faraway friend.Price € 9,95 per set of three Buttons + envelope

Prices of artworks with Buttons are on request

RawCutJerry (5)*

05 rawcutjerry h200

The RawCutJerry is a Pendant lamp handmade  from disgarded Dutch plastic milk and juice containers. The plastic is cut in rectangles and laced with upholstered elastic. The RawCutJerry is available in different sizes, colors and with two types of rectangles.

Prices from the RawCutJerry vary per size and are on request.