Discipline: social product design

About WasteBoards (2)*

Three social entrepreneurs from Amsterdam founded WasteBoards: Rogier Heijning, Aernout Zappey and Marius Smit. WasteBoards evolved from our other company Plastic Whale, the first professional plastic fishing company in the world. It is our mission to end the problem of plastic soup, plastic waste polluting the world’s waters. We do this by creating valuable products from plastic waste, involving as many people as possible in the process.

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Skateboards made from plastic waste
At events and festivals plastic pollution is a major issue. Much of the plastic waste ends up on the ground and eventually in the environment. Here is the root of the problem: people regard plastic as a valueless, disposable material. That’s why we want to show that plastic is actually a valuable raw material which we can turn into beautiful products. And we want to involve as many people as possible in the process.

Each board is unique
This is how we do it: we create high quality, handcrafted skateboards out of plastic waste: WasteBoards. The process is quite simple. At festivals we collect plastic bottle caps. We melt them in an oven. Then we press the caps into a mould. After a little while we take the board out of the mould and install the trucks and wheels. There you have your WasteBoard! Each board has an entirely unique design. And the bottle caps are still visible.

The first Mobile Board Bakery
We have got some really exciting plans: we want to create the first Mobile Board Bakery in the world, allowing us to bake WasteBoards at events across the Netherlands, Europe, and even the world! But the Board Bakery can also visit schools, baking boards from bottle caps that were collected by school kids. How cool would it be to start a Board Bakery in the favelas of Rio, near the beaches of Accra or in the slums of Jakarta? The Board Bakery could stimulate local economies by creating value from waste.

Just go!
We dream big, but it is our philosophy to just start, create, involve and develop. We started recently at the Amsterdam Dance Event, the world’s largest international dance festival. Our partner DGTL collected plastic bottle caps that we will use in a special edition ADE WasteBoard. DJ Patrice Baumel even designed his own exclusive board. Next stop is the DGTL festival in Amsterdam, March 2016. And it is our aim for 2016 to bake boards at at least 10 other major festivals.

Order a WasteBoard & support our cause
When you order your own unique WasteBoard, you support our cause to fight plastic pollution.
The decks are on sale starting at €99,- on our website.