The organic linear patterns in nature and the spectacle of planets and galaxies in space are important sources of inspiration for the designs of Dille Thomas Design. Emotions of freedom and life that emerge from this beauty are translated into furniture and lighting which are characterized by their accessible and informal shapes that strongly appeal to our imagination. All products are crafted in a well-equipped workshop in Utrecht by using traditional and modern production techniques.

The combination of organic shapes and use of different materials revive good old days in a contemporary fashion.

Furniture for the free-minded

Bubba white 0.1 w666

Bubba | bookcase and room divider | Cedar slats, baltic birch frame, spray painted MDF
Bubba is a well-rounded multipurpose bookcase which can also double as a playful room divider

Astro 0.1 w666

Astro | coffee table | glass top, Walnut
Mid century design coffee table that captures both the past and the future

Ablaze FX 0.1 w666

Ablaze FX | pendant lamp | dried flowers, resin, walnut
transient beauty captured and eternalized in resin for everyday pleasure


day dreaming w666

Dille T. Dijkstra | designer & maker of furniture and lightning

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