Karin van de Walle (1964, the Netherlands) studied at the Academy of Arts AKV Sint Joost with a major in Ceramic Sculpture, in Breda, The Netherlands. She lives and works in Germany and has an international platform. Karin's sculptures are flashy, lusty and exuberantly coloured. They challenge the viewer, showing the excesses of an exhibitionist and hedonistic body Cult. The work is characterized by a mixture of pop-culture, mythical - and historical elements. The sculptures are elaborately decorative which also shows how labor-intensive her work is. Most of the sculptures are unique or are made in very small editions.

Brilliant Eva and the new life of an old used teapot

brillianteva w666 

Eva and The Recycle Girl, unique object, porcelain, ceramics, glas I think more and more people worry about the way we consume, about how we use and particularly, we misuse our planet. In my work this is expressed as a paradox between abundance and the way in which many small elements are made with great effort.

recyclegirls w666

Near the bottle bank in my neighbourhood, I found some old used tea-and coffeepots. I took them with me and there they stood, so I could look at them ones in a while. I wanted to do something with these ditched objects, to incorporate the “Objet Trouvé” in my own visual language. To reuse the design, by combining the shape, its décor and ornaments with the sculpture, standing or sitting on top of the teapot.

Karin van de Walle

Karin van de Walle

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