Marian Williams lives and works in France.
Born in 1962 (Retro) in Rotterdam (Fantastic) she has been passionate about vintage printed material as long as she can remember.
This passion is expressed in collage, paint and 3D recycle art.
Recurring themes are women's emancipation and protection of climate and peace.
Influenced by pop art, surrealism and dada, Marian produces committed works, colourful and witty.

My work reflects the fight for our climate, peace, equal rights, emancipation and social justice…. but I like it to be colourful and with a touch of humour at the same time.

RetrooperationCrossroads w666

'Operation Crossroads’ is a collage transfer on canvas completed with acrylic paint, glue, pastels and felt pens. 
This work shows two ladies during a photo shoot at Bikini Atoll.
The date is July 25, 1946, the day of the second Baker Atom test.
The bomb, known as Helen of Bikini was detonated underwater. 
Radioactive sea spray caused extensive contamination.


RetroMan w666

'Man' is a transfer collage completed with acrylic paint, glue, pastels and felt pens.
A young woman is set on a press article background.
In this article from Look Magazine, 1967, the writer sends a message to American men to urge them to return to head of their family soonest.


retrofantasticplastic w666

'Fantastic Plastic' is a transfer collage in which two 'Tupperware Twins’ ladies shop.
The background speaks of band aid, now with plastic!
Plastic changed the world of shopping as well; products are visible and safely sealed in cellophane.
From Tupperware to cellophane… plastic was the future, plastic was fantastic.


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