Rebellenclub is a platform for young designers and offers them the opportunity to market their products. The starting point is to select items that tell a story, are just a little bit different
and add something unique to what already exists. The connecting factor is that each product has been carefully selected and is in line with current trends in interior design and lifestyle. The Rebellenclub
collaborates with sustainable companies and designers, many of the products are handmade,
handcrafted, developed with recycled materials or produced at social workplaces.

Our record players bring you back to the ‘60s &’70s


RS991 20160622 Bermuda GPO location copy lpr w666

Rebellenclub x GPO Bermuda record player on legs with built-in speakers and USB connection.


RS62 GPO Ambassador 3349 lpr w666

Rebellenclub x GPO Ambassador record player with built-in speakers and Bluetooth function.


RS391 GPO howarthphotography 1766 lpr w666

Rebellenclub x GPO Westwood Bluetooth speaker. Perfect combination With the Ambassador record player.

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