The work of Studio Simone Klerks can be characterized as playful, expressive and passionate. Aspects such as color, shape and usage of specific materials, account for her specific style. The total picture has to be right. The goal of her work is creating a feeling of happiness for as much people as possible. Making them happy with a product, every time they see it, in order to give them experiences similar to her own experiences while being confronted with any perfectly designed product.

The passion for Product Design has arisen a long time ago. A study at Sint Lucas in Boxtel
ensured that her interest in creativity became more specifically oriented towards product design. Since then she has followed several courses to broaden her professional knowledge.

Currently she is studying to achieve a Bachelor's degree in Product Design at the Willem de
Kooning Academy in Rotterdam.

De wereld een stukje mooier maken.

Studio Simone Klerks Popsicle Vase 2 w666

Popsicle Vase. Vase, Porcelain.
Design inspired by popsicle sticks.


Studio Simone Klerks Spirograph Stool 2 w666

Spirograph Stool. Stool. Piled, lasered layers of MDF.
Painted, glued and sanded


Studio Simone Klerks Knotty Tapestry 3 w666

Knotty tapestry, Simon Says Collection.
Tapestry, wool, hand knotted.


Klerks Simone w666

Simone Klerks

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