After graduating at Sint Lucas in Boxtel, I started working as a scenery designer / builder for various theatre companies. Unfortunately, I couldn’t make a living out of it, so I was also working as a freelancer for 1 of my internship companies in stand construction. 9 years ago, the owner indicated that he would like to retire and wanted to sell the company. I took this opportunity and took over the stand construction company. After a number of successful years, I started to miss the creativity. I decided to change course and put the stand construction activities on a low level. The hall on the industrial area was replaced for a studio on a creative breeding ground in Eindhoven. Slowly, I started creating special objects. Working on a project without a client or budget was very relieving. The copper teardrop is one of these projects that would never come out of an assignment. The material costs are too high and there are too many construction hours in it.

Creating objects that are worth considering in more detail.

The Copper Teardrop has, as the name says it, a tear-shaped design. This shape reminds you of the 'Dübener egg', designed in Germany in 1936. The big difference between this teardrop and its German predecessor is that you can not stand in the teardrop. You sleep inside and you cook outside at the back of the teardrop.
Because of the copper covering, this teardrop seems to come out of a Jules Verne movie.

HappyCampers MarijndeWijs Teardrop 04 w666

The Copper Teardrop. This tear-shaped mini caravan is a real eye-catcher at festivals or on a weekend trip. It is constructed from a steel base and a wooden frame which is covered with a copper plate.


HappyCampers MarijndeWijs Teardrop 05 w666

HappyCampers MarijndeWijs Teardrop 07 w666

HappyCampers MarijndeWijs Teardrop 02 w666

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